Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chicken + Salad= Heaven

This Spicy Honey Chicken Salad is so yummy and pretty darn easy. I had never made anything from Our Best Bites before, but this recipe has made me want to try more of their recipes. I'm feeling lazy so I'm just going to link to the recipes on their site.

The Chicken (it's really not spicy)
The Dressing
Put it all together- I usually leave the avocados off because they're really expensive here. The mango is a must have though!



  1. If this is the salad we had while I was in Pittsburgh, I can attest to its deliciousness! Both the chicken and dressing are individually great, but when you combine them in the salad with mangoes--heaven!

  2. I completely didn't realize Katie just described it as heaven as well! But I guess you can take it as a "out of the mouths of two" kind of thing.

  3. Sad that avacados are too expensive there. We could almost live off them!