Friday, September 17, 2010


This is the dinner I made for Dad's birthday. The recipe came from Allrecipies - huge number of reviews and ratings (I think the highest I've seen) and VERY simple... Taste was so good I'll actually make it again! You can also make this in a pressure cooker if you didn't get it done earlier! I think I like it that way the best.

1 chuck roast 5-6 lb. fat trimmed (this really is the best cut of meat, but others will work, too)
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1/2 can water
1 bouillon cube or1 t. beef soup base
sliced mushrooms (my choice) - mushrooms really deepen the flavor of the gravy! Don't omit!!
1 pkg onion soup mix

Combine all ingredients in bottom of crock pot. Add roast and spoon "gravy" on top of it. Cover and cook for hours! I like to cook it at least 12 hours.

1 onion quartered
1 bag baby carrots
yukon gold potatoes, quartered (as many as you want)

Veggies I cooked separately in the pressure cooker.

** I personally don't really like the way the gravy tastes when the carrots are cooked with the meat. I think it gets a little sweet and not as rich and savory. That's why I cooked them separately, but that's strictly my personal preference.

If the gravy is too thin, add a little slurry of cornstarch and water to thicken it up.



  1. Can you come and make that at my house? I would really like that.

  2. First you tell me to add salt to my frosting to fix the wierd flavor, then you enlighten me about the carrots in the roast. I've never liked the way my roasts taste, and now I know why. Thanks!