Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Two Things I'm Loving Right Now

In no particular order:

#1 The Middle- ABC Wednesday comedy starring Patricia Heaton , Neil Flynn (the janitor from Scrubs) and their three kids. I stumbled upon this last week, and loved it. Actually I wasn't sure if it was good or just the best thing on at the moment, but now I know. It's great.
(I just read that the youngest actor's name is Atticus. It was meant to be)

#2 My Kitchen Cafe- great cooking blog. Found it yesterday, and I've already made two things. The kids loved the bourbon chicken. It was a bit spicy, and Macey still had thirds!

Healthy, delicious, quick-ish, good writing and great pics. What more could I want?

I'm off to clean the house. Or make cookies. Which will I pick?????


  1. Oh, definitely cookies; at least that's what I would pick.

    Who knew Patricia Heaton had another hit in her?! I am glad that it is good. I'll have to give it a go next week. As well as the cooking blog. I haven't cooked anything in a week and already, I'm startin' to feel the itch.

    PS: (I am using comments instead of emails :)) Whenever someone comments on your blog I am alerted on my email. Weird, but very informative!

  2. I am really wanting the bread sticks on the cooking blog. I don't want to make them, I just want to eat them.